Shiraz, the City of Roses, is also famous for carpets made with, vibrant colors, compact pile and high luster Persian wool. Nasiri Shiraz designs are extremely simple and uncluttered with large fields, bold stripes and geometric shapes that are sophisticated and primitive. The Shiraz carpet is a favorite of contemporary designers because of its beauty and utmost simplicity.

Kilim are elegant tribal flat weave carpets characterized by tightly woven, geometric designs. The pattern is created by the weft threads, which are spun looser than the warp and are completely covered when packed together. The Nasiri Kilim is made with organic Persian wool and natural dyes, our muted palette conveys ease and grace in any setting.
“Oriental carpets have been recognized as prestigious furnishing in the West since the Middle Ages. In many ways, they represent the epitome of Western concern with alien things – especially utilitarian alien things. Carpets entered the Western cultural arena as a rare item of interest and eventually became a commodity. But commoditization does not adequately explain their continuing success in the market or the special attention they receive from collectors.”

Brian Spooner, ‘Weavers and Dealers: the authenticity of an oriental carpet.’ From the book ‘The Social Life of Things,’ 1988


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The pattern on this carpet is hypnotic. Love seeing the optical illusion. Almost like it's coming to life.