Nasiri’s Modern Persian Rugs

Shiraz rugs are considered the most well known of tribal Persian carpets.

A Broader Look at The Masterpiece

Specifically celebrated for their flat woven and pile carpets, they stand alone. Historically, Shiraz was a major market place for these carpets, thus over the years, their rugs have been named as Shiraz rugs. The Qashqai tribe has mastered their own weaving style, weaving together traditional designs with inimitable details and fashions including motifs passed down from generations by their families and ancestors. Their designs also combine tribal traditions with a certain style of the cities which surround them.

With their expansive repertoire designs, they often behold beautiful floral designs, patterns, and geometric shapes. The colors their wool beholds is truly unrivaled, for its deep and rich quality and its vibrancy. Their wool originates from the mountains and valleys nearby Shiraz and offers a certain soft texture. They’re delicate yet strong in a perfect combination. Colors they often weave into their masterpieces include saffron yellow, navy blue, and red.

A Brief History of the Qashqai People

The Qashqai people are Turkic and considered nomadic, for when the seasons change they move to areas with grassland. They are most known for inhabiting areas nearby the city of Shiraz in Fars. However, they also have origins in southern Isfan and Khuzestan. Speaking two languages of Persian and Turkish they are able to communicate with many people.  In ancient times, they spent the summer in highland areas with close proximity to Shiraz. During winter time, they migrated with their livestock, families, and tribes to warmer and lower pastures, close at hand to the Persian Gulf. The Qashqai tribe consists of various sub-tribes; including Safi-Khani, Derrah-Shuri, Baluki, Farsimadan, Rhaimi, and Qaracheh these tribes are a unique and important people who have influenced history, art, and culture specifically through their exquisite Persian carpets.

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I love the modern feel of these designs. Would be great in a chic, simplistic house. -Hannah