Nasiri Carpets is committed to preserving the environment through traditional innovative approaches to the carpets we manufacture, as well as the partnerships we form with Artisans, Farmers and Shepherd’s who have been making sustainable eco-friendly carpets for generations. Sustainability,responsibility and continuous improvement are the tenets of our company and are shared by our partners in our rug-making communities.

Nasiri practices low-impact manufacturing processes while designing the most beautiful carpets on the market. In fact, our carpets are loomed using foot-pedal power, and colored by natural dyes from regional plants. We are small, family-owned company; our carpets are truly bespoke and have high secondary market value. Our custom, limited production of carpets makes certain we maintain our high standards for quality and environmental responsibility.

Nasiri Carpets is dedicated to preserving natural resources by creating highly efficient products, using low-impact manufacturing processes, and supporting traditional communities.

Nasiri regards innovation as something more than exceptional product quality, functionality and design. Not only our adherence to traditions, but also our commitment to society has an effect on the world of tomorrow.


at: November 15, 2013 at 12:30 PM said...

Glad to hear of a company going green. Not enough places are looking at preserving our environment. -Layla Marie