Cami Weinstein of Cami Weinstein Designs combines 30 years of experience in the design field with the creative knowledge acquired through her BFA in printing and painting.  Based in Chappaqua, New York, Cami Weinstein often travels to find inspiring pieces to intermix into her interior designs.  Recently, Nasiri Carpets caught up with Cami Weinstein to discuss her thoughts on fabric and design.

What do you love most about Nasiri Carpets?
I love the variety of styles that Nasiri offers. I work in a wide range of interior styles often mixing different time frames into a single room.  My rooms are layered and polished whether they are casual or formal.

When shopping for a carpet or rug, what do you look for?
When shopping for a carpet or rug I take many things into consideration: quality, beauty, durability, size, what mood will the piece evoke in the room.

Which is your favorite style of carpeting from Nasiri Carpeting
(flatweave,  modern, antique, decorative, mid-century modern)?
My goodness it would be hard to choose!  All of the pieces are so beautiful.  I would have to say both the antique and mid century at the moment. Both have withstood the test of time.


How do you feel about the current mid-century modern trend?
I think the mid-century modern trend is going strong but I see added layers of sophistication to design trends moving in. Rooms are going to become more traditional and layered again. I think clients want to embrace all that modernity and technology has to offer but in a more unique way. I think there is going to be a new appreciation again for beautiful unique, quality objects.

Why does the quality of a product matter when pulling together a design?
Quality is such an important part of design; no one wants to purchase something they love only to have it fall apart or be part of such a quick trend that it is old and shabby within a few months. Interiors shouldn’t be easily disposed of, they should be added to and cared for, curated and updated but they shouldn’t feel disposable.

Is there a carpet of ours that currently inspires you?
Yes, there are; again so difficult to choose just one! I love the Mazandaran, the Vintage style I just adore.

                              Mazandaran Ref no.3959                                                                        Mazandaran Ref no. 3986