Nasiri Carpets is where ancient technique meets modern style.  Our Fall 2014 "Cotton Fusion Collection" does not disappoint. Nasiri Carpets mastered the art of combining beauty and comfort. 

Using only the highest quality hypoallergenic cotton and hand dying skills, we create a variety of modern hand knotted designs. Nasiri combines luxurious cotton and silk threads to create this superb collection.  Our artisans' custom make each piece to your specifications.  The ultimate experience in  luxury is cotton underfoot.  Our designs automatically elevate your space,  while giving it a comfortable ease.

Carpets made of 100% earth-friendly organic cotton are not only durable, but with the use of natural dyes can come in a wide variety of designs.

Many of our cotton rugs also contain silk.  This combination leads to a super soft texture which designers adore.  Cotton and silk is durable and will resist physical wear, while its gorgeous luster catches the light and its contrasting texture is used to highlight a design.

If you want to add subtle luxury to a room, then a cotton/silk carpet may be exactly what you are looking for.


Their are many advantages of cotton.  Firstly it is a strong fiber, therefore it does not lose its shape.  The fiber allows for fine weaving.  It can be spun into thin strands that allows for a luxurious texture.