The name Nasiri has long been equated with luxury, as sophisticated, comfortable rugs are our forte. Our flatweave collection combines the best in aesthetics and comfort to create the most luxurious rugs possible, which is why they are so popular with rug connoisseurs.What takes the quality of our flatweave rugs to another level altogether is the fact that you can have one custom made to your specifications. What this means is that customers can peruse our original, timeless designs and look to see if there is anything that catches your fancy—and if not, you can simply design your own rug, with just as much comfort and luxury built in!Flatweave rugs are generally thinner, and as their name denotes, are woven flat. This makes them somewhat lighter and easier to fold flat, so they are convenient to move and adjust. However, this in no way detracts from their comfort. The same toe-embracing touch that you have grown to expect from other Nasiri creations is present in our flatweave rugs. For a versatile yet comforting, classy option, consider going with a flatweave!

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