What a Difference a Rug Makes
Home décor is not for the faint of heart. Between styles, designs, materials, colors, and pretty much any other element you can factor in, putting together the perfect room—let alone the perfect home or office complex—can be a daunting task.
Often, after hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are spent creating the perfect design, a room still feels incomplete. It’s as if something is missing—some element that would tie everything together. If you are stuck in this design limbo, perhaps a rug is what you are looking for.
The right rug can tie a room together better than just about any other item available. As a central piece introduced at ground level, it becomes a point around which other elements can revolve, yet does so in a way that grounds the room and adds to its aesthetic in an understated manner.

Whether you are looking for earthy tones or bright colors, Oriental designs or modern chic, deep rugs or elegant flat weaves, Nasiri can put the finishing touch on the room you have been obsessing over for the past few months. What a difference a rug makes!