Like a bespoke custom suit or dress that is tailored to your body and fits perfectly, a custom carpet is made to complement your tastes and accent your best qualities.
Quality carpets are important items—they set the tone of a room and communicate the vision of the owner. Thus, it is important that your carpet is exactly what you want—that its size, design, color, and material are all custom designed.
Custom carpets were once the domain of the wealthy elite, as their high prices made them an extreme luxury item. Today, custom carpets enjoy just as high a level of quality, but at a much more affordable price point, making them an essential component of a well-designed home or office.
 Why a Custom Carpet?
In today’s largely homogenous society, people want to be unique, to stand out from the crowd and express their individual styles and tastes. Although there are many ways to do this, a custom carpet remains one of the classiest options for expressing individual style.
You can choose from different materials, using textures, colors, and designs to create a unique expression. With the wide variety of materials on the market, the sky is the limit! Choose cotton to avoid allergies, or silk if you want to create that luxury feel for your special space; a flatweave modern design is great for an office, while a plush thick carpet can complete that hard-to-fit space in the home. The possibilities are truly endless!
Designers and Custom Carpets
In the design industry, a custom carpet epitomizes the unique, “custom” product. Using a wide array of colors, textures, sizes, and designs, designers can guide their clients in the creation of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This is especially useful in the field of interior design, particularly when you need an odd-sized carpet or one that custom-fits the motif of a room. Interior designers are experts at matching concepts to rooms, and are often heavily involved in the creation of custom carpets.
 Quality Takes Time
Like a new baby, a custom carpet can often take up to nine months to produce! But the wait is well worth it. Nothing can take the place of a high quality expression of your individual style—something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren for generations to come. In some ways, a custom carpet is your opportunity to leave an artistic legacy, to design and inspire the future through your own individual vision.
Nasiri Custom Carpets Are the Perfect Fit
We have been creating custom carpets for generations, and enjoy the trust of top interior designers and rug connoisseurs. Working with each client to ensure they get what they are looking for, we complete our carpets on time, delivering beautiful, bespoke pieces again and again. Our extensive experience in custom design aids you in your personal design process, helping you create a rug that will last for generations and bring a lifetime’s worth of happiness.