Art Basel in Miami is a 3 day Art Festival which brings in over 75,000 people to the streets of Miami, it is the place to stay on top of the art world. In this entry we reveal who our favorite artist is and what we take away from this historic art event.

We spoke to owner Nader Nasiri to get his thoughts on young artists presenting at Art Basel. “ To see the creativity of the young artists is truly inspirational to my carpet design and selection.  They are not afraid to be bold and try new things. It encourages me to stay fresh and relevant while selecting our vintage collection. One particular artist that I admire is Lucy Dodd.  Her use of unconventional materials reminds me of perfecting the color of our carpets with organic earth dyes. Her minimalist designs have a similar energy to our carpet designs.”

From far away you notice natural aesthetics and symmetries. Upon closer inspection you’re able to see the splotches and strokes which seem to be the result of pours that have pooled and evaporated.
We believe she was the standout artist of the show.

Dodd is an abstract artists whose paintings are quite large, some as wide as 25 feet. She does this by sewing individual sheets of canvas to another, which makes it physically the size of a carpet. She combines a multitude of ingredients into her artwork ranging from black lichen, saliva, iron oxide, charcoal, and dog urine. Some have fermenting smells, it truly is a blend of the senses, visually stimulation at its finest.

Here are some of our favorites from the show:

Lucy Dodd Art Basel PaintingLucy Dodd Art Basel Painting

Check out some of our handpicked carpet inspired by the artworld:

Nasiri Mazandaran Flat Weave Carpet
#3787 - Mazandaran Flat weave
Nasiri mid - century modern carpet
#3784- Mid-Century Modern

Nasiri Wool and Silk Carpet
#3772-wool and silk

Art Basel allows us to be inspired by an array of artists that share the same passion that we have for carpet design. It’s invigorating meeting with so many artists both young and old and discover  what inspires them, learn their backgrounds, and share your work with them. It “definitely keeps the passion for what I do burning” says owner Nader Nasiri.  “I believe that Art Basel fuels innovation and provides insight into what artists are doing to push the boundaries of their respected medium.”
Nader is ready to hit the ground running with new ideas heading into 2015!

Check out some of the other art we found stimulating.

Art Basel Miami 2014

Art Basel Miami 2014

Art Basel Miami 2014