Mid–Century Modernism blends cutting-edge design with the revered tradition of great craftsmanship.  Fine art and quality craftsmanship are the two main components Nasiri considers while sourcing our collection of Mid-Century Modern Carpets.  He has spent countless hours sorting through hundreds of rugs to bring back a select few that possess the quality and versatility that you can’t find in other rugs.

“This collection is exclusive to Nasiri, it is an impossibility to find them anywhere else.  I enjoy being able to provide the design community with a unique product that will  assist them in creating their vision. “

This unique collection of half-century old carpets is made of fine wool, cotton and goat hair which bridges the past and present in a unique and tasteful manner. These rugs allow talented designers to mix neoclassical, art deco and traditional styles creating complex yet minimalist interiors. 

Nothing is comparable to a vintage rug in perfect condition.  These rugs were made after the 1920’s when the modernist movement began.  This movement affected all types of art and craftsmanship, including interior design.  There is a great resource book about Mid Century Modern furniture by Cara Greenberg  that embraces this design period.  If you would like to deepen your understanding of the modernist movement I highly recommend it.

As we look to the future for coming trends and keep our fingers on the pulse of the carpet industry, we always look back and acknowledge the roots of carpet making, being sure not to compromise the art of skilled craftsmanship.  Nasiri's fine craftsman can custom recreate the essence of these special pieces to accommodate your design, leaving limitless options open to you.  We are excited about this special collection and look forward to celebrating our history with other carpet aficionados.